Developer nomination: Jonathan Lennox

Calling a vote to give merge rights to @Jonathan_Lennox.

In his time on the team, Jonathan has already made some great contributions:

  1. Abstracting out the native SRTP and wrapper code into a separate repo to make integration simpler
  2. Refactoring the bandwidth estimation APIs and implementations to clean up code, make it easier to test in isolation, and simplifying the process of integrating other implementations in the future
  3. He’s off to a good start on optimizing and refactoring some crucial code in our bitstream-forwarding logic to remove one of our JVB 2.0 perf bottle necks and simplifying the logic a bit.

So, by the procedure defined here I’d like to nominate Jonathan as a developer. Please respond here with either:

+1 Accept Jonathan as a committer.
 0 Does not matter to me.
-1 Reject Jonathan as a committer.

Votes by all are welcome.

+1 I for one accept Jonathan, he’s already fixed several bugs introduced by me!

+1 Accept Jonathan as a committer.

+1 !!!

+1 very heartedly!

+1 :+1:

Thanks, all. And welcome @Jonathan_Lennox!

Thank you all!

+1 for jonathan

Belated +1, welcome aboard @Jonathan_Lennox ! :rocket: