Developer Nomination: Jacob Macelroy

I would like to call a vote for granting commit rights to Jacob Macelroy.

Jacob got involved with Jitsi from the backend. He first developed prosody modules to assist with call flows logic. Since then his contributions have been updating and fixing the Lua modules around token validation and REST APIs within prosody, He continues to make small fixes to the infrastructure, and continues to help improve the backing services that allow to be successful.

So therefore, according to the procedure described in [0], I am calling
this vote on granting him commit access on our GitHub repositories.

Please vote on the following:

+1 Accept Jacob as a committer.
0 Does not matter to me.
-1 Reject Jacob as a committer.

Note: Votes from non-developers (non-binding votes) are encouraged since
they show the general opinion of the Jitsi community.


[0] Becoming a Jitsi Committer -

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+1 for Jacob

+1 for Jacob

+1 from me



+1 totally!

+1 Accept Jacob as a committer.

Absolutely +1



+1 for Rufio!

This look unanimous. This closes the voting, with the result that Jacob Macelroy is now officially a Jitsi Developer!