Developer nomation: Yura Yaroshevich

Calling a vote to give merge rights to Yura Yaroshevich.

Yura is not employed alongside the rest of the team at 8x8, but has contributed a lot of valuable code and fixes to the backend code, including:

  1. A high-performance PacketQueue we use in our critical packet path
  2. Fixes to the ICE and DTLS code
  3. Well-planned, generic hook points for customization
  4. Many subtle but important fixes.

His PRs are always well thought-out and his code always well-commented and tested.

So, by the procedure defined here I’d like to nominate Yura as a developer. Please respond here with either:

+1 Accept Yura as a committer.
 0 Does not matter to me.
-1 Reject Yura as a committer.

Votes by all are welcome.

+1 Accept Yura as a committer.

Definitely a +1!


+1 Accept Yura as a committer.

+1. Thanks for all the work Yura!

+1 Accept Yura as a committer.

Thanks all and congrats @mstyura :slight_smile:

Very big thanks to all of you!