Developer needed for jigasi to work with Azure Speech Translation

Hi Jitsi Community,

I will need someone who can help me with the following development requirements for jigasi to work with Azure Speech Translation:


  1. modify open source Jigasi java code to work with Azure Speech Translation to provide the transcription + translation in one recognition.


  1. modify front end Jitsi react code to have visible buttons for both transcription and translation options , and the user can toggle between different source languages and target languages from front end

  2. Correctly display transcription + translation on the screen (web/iOS app) in a nicely format.

This is a PAID and urgent work. For those with strong and related capabilities, please DM me asap with your timeline and estimated cost for this work.


You might want the move this to paid category…


Hi @george123, We can help you with your requirement as it is something that lies under our expertise. I have sent you a DM. Please check it out.


Hi @george123 ,
Hope you are doing well.

I can assist you with your requirement.


@george123 - I have sent you a DM