Developer Evangelist needed for Jitsi Meet cloud provider


We are looking for a developer evangelist / integration engineer who will have the following responsibilities:

  • Create documentation, guides & tutorials to help clients integrate Jitsi Meet using our scalable managed platform, in a variety of languages and for a variety of applications
  • Work with clients to help them succeed in their integration and, when needed, advocate internally for their requirements
  • Engage with the wider community to improve understanding of Jitsi Meet and its possible applications

You should have excellent English communication skills, some examples of technical writing (documentation, tutorials, guides, etc) that we can see, and be fluent in at least two programming languages (we don’t mind which) with a genuine interest in expanding your programming language horizons — our clients use a variety of languages and platforms and you will be expected to be relatively language-agnostic.

20% of this position’s paid time will be dedicated to the wider Jitsi Meet community projects in whatever way you desire (e.g. answering questions here in the community, contributing code, writing documentation).

It’s a remote position — you can be located anywhere, provided you have access to a decent Internet connection.

For more information or to apply please contact Please, individuals only. Companies and agencies will not receive a reply.

Thanks for reading!

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