Develop Specifi authentication


I’m new in JITSI community and I am searching a way to implement on JITSI the capability to call another app which check if a user can access to the generated JITSI Room.

I explain : I have an app. On this app I will have a lot of people which can create a JITSI room. They the app will generate automatically a unique room ID (random). When the user wants to click on the JITSI link, the app will open the JITSI room, by a java servlet, a token which is composed by the member (which click on the link), the room id and other data. Then when the user will try to enter in the room, JITSI send on REST API of the app the check of the user. Then the app return if the user has the capability to enter in this specific room.

Do you have some ideas or urls on that implementation ?

Thank you in advance.