Dev Environment


I’m trying to modify the react code. What dev tools do Jitsi-Meet (React) developers typically use? I’m using vscode with the flow extension.

There are jsdoc tags that I don’t know, maybe there are plugins to leverage the doc comments properly.


I’m using the same setup.

As for the comments jsdoc comments, do you have an extension to recognize the @code tags? For example, when highlighting it’s not rendering the @code in vscode.

 * React {@code Component} for displaying connection statistics.
 * @extends Component
 class ConnectionStatsTable<P: Props> extends AbstractConnectionStatsTable<P> {

    * Implements React's {@link Component#render()}.
    * @inheritdoc
    * @returns {ReactElement}
   render() {}

Nope, I used to use WebStorm, which does recognize those though.