Detection/notification of new room creation for systems integrations

Hey all, I’ve been spending some time learning how to integrate with Jitsi and would like some advice.

We have a jitsi installation with a custom recording integration - It automatically records a room when a new room is created, but only when 2 or more participants are in the room to save space (and other reasons). The rooms that we care about follow a pattern (a keyword followed by a UUID). We keep the rooms anonymous for simplicity - this is very important to our use case. We have accomplished this by:

  1. tailing the jicofo log to detect when a room is created*
  2. spawning a process that joins an xmpp user to the associated prosody conference room, to become notified of active clients and enable/disable recording (we use jigasi & freeswitch for that part)

I have been trying to do the new room detection over XMPP but I havn’t been able to figure it out (maybe it’s not possible). I figured that this is the purpose of the jvbbrewery conference room, which I am able to join, but I’m having second thoughts. Someone please let me know if this is possible :slight_smile:

So, my question: is there a better and/or recommended way to detect when a new room is created, on the server side? My preference is to accomplish this without modifying any of jitsi’s code, if only because I havn’t done any java work in over 10 years and am likely to muck it up :upside_down_face:. But, also because installations are cleaner when we can use the official packages.

  • *we actually look for a moderator grant change so that our bot doesnt join before the web attendee loads, which otherwise results in our bot becoming the moderator :slight_smile:

@trdenton Have you found any solution to this?

Do you have any clue that how can I achieve this on client side?

@Sudha_Singhal I have not yet found a better way. I think a custom prosody extension could do this, but I have not researched it too much. I really hope one of the developers chimes in!

@trdenton I’ve also opened a new thread for this, let’s see if any developer helps!