Detect Moderator through JitsiMeetApi or Colibri?


Hello - I’m working on an integration and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to detect the current moderator. I’m using JWT with the JitsiMeetApi, and I’ve tried through either the client-side JS API or the Colibri API. I haven’t explicitly tried the Colibri API, but it hasn’t been obvious to me in the docs.

I also wondered if I could simply expose a couple moderator functions with a custom build of the Jitsi Meet UI, but that seems like a much larger learning curve, although I’m reasonably comfortable building JS applications (much less comfortable with Java).

Would greatly appreciate if someone could show me how to tie the JWT to the current moderator without a custom build of Jitsi/JM.

Thank you!


Colibri API has nothing to do with moderators.
What is your goal?
In default deployment moderator is the first participant in the conference. There is a prosody module that enables all participants to be moderators, the same way it is currently working on


My goal is to make sure that only a permissioned individual can have moderator access at a given time.

I’m aware of the “guest domain” option, but I don’t want anonymous users, and I never want Jitsi to prompt for a password (I manage auth separately via JWT).

I do NOT want a scenario where the moderator gets disconnected to trigger an election, so I’m planning on managing connections via WebSocket. If the moderator has joined the meeting, then I allow access to other participants. If not, I use websockets and JitsiMeetApi to direct them to a waiting page until the moderator (as determined by our proprietary auth) rejoins. The problem I’m having is that I can’t tell for sure whether or our moderator has actually joined the jitsi conference as the moderator. If there’s ever a condition where our moderator is NOT the Jitsi moderator, I need to reset the meeting to ensure that’s the case.