Detect if screen sharing permissions where denied/revoked in MacOS Catalina (jitsi-meet-electron)

Good morning, Community.

We are facing some issues related to permissions for Screen Sharing and Remote Control in MacOS Catalina. It seems that they (Apple) changed Screen Sharing and Accessibility stuff and we have to allow access for every functionality in particular.

It looks that the application is unable to detect if permissions were allowed and still tries to Share the Screen but it doesn’t work properly: it doesn’t shows another application’s windows and gets stuck at this popup:

Also permissions are not asked again. I realized that the code that checks if Screen Sharing is enabled is located in ‘lib-jitsi-meet’ at the following file:


There’s a method named ‘obtainScreenOnElectron’ and it tries to do a small stream in order to know if it is enabled. Before continue analyzing the library I wonder if someone have an idea/workaround about how to solve this issue.

Thank you for your attention.


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