Destroy room when moderator leaves

That is what token_owner_party is for

so should i remove dissconnect lua from my project and then check?

No need these two modules at the same time, so yes…
But the redirection is another topic and I have no answer for mobile clients

is it not possible with token owner party lua ??

token owner party only kicks all participants when the moderator quits but the client side decides what will happen when the participant is kicked

can you tell me how it will kick out all the participant from the meet, is it calling some JitsiConferenceEvents like PARTICIPANT_KICKED,KICKED

because i made changes in conference.js like

 room.on(JitsiConferenceEvents.PARTICIPANT_KICKED, (kicker, kicked) => {
  , kicked));

for web it is redirecting participant to another web page after some time whenever owner leave the meet but, not for mobile user who joined meet through mobile browser