Desktop Web browser view of screenshare and youtube videostreams incorrectly scaled in focussed view, including full screen

A video stream sent by a screen share typically comes through in a 16:9 ratio with something like:
This is the same aspect ratio as a regular video stream, 720p, 1024x576 etc

In the non-tile view, non-screenshare, where the active speaker has focus, the client video view is extended to the edge of the brower window. This means the thumbnail streams float on top of the focussed stream. Inferface_config has ‘MAXIMUM_ZOOMING_COEFFICIENT’ set to 1.3 and if this is set to 1.0, then the displayed video is not extended to the browser windows edge.

If however the videostream is updated to screenshare then the displayed video does not fill the entire screen. Instead there is a scaling view that unfortunately corrupts screenshare streams and makes characters wobble from time to time. The attribute above does not appear to take effect for screenshare streams

Is there a way to natively fill the browser window with the full stream received without scaling? This would repair screenshare corruption.
This problem is also seen when client view is “view full screen”
This problem is not seen when viewing a screenshare in tile-mode.
This problem is not seen when viewing using the mobile applications
This problem is seen when using a mobile device in browser mode.
This problem is seen when sharing full screens or applications.
This problem is seen when sharing youtube videos

Thank you

Hi. I have the same issue.