Desktop sharing frame rate config not working for remote racks

I’m using lib-jitsi-meet and have the problem that I need to have 30 fps for screen sharing but only the user who is sharing the screen can see the increased frame rate. All the other users will still see the default frame rate.

I tried to debug this problem but I couldn’t find any problem. Maybe someone can help me with that because I have no idea anymore how to fix or debug it.

@jallamsetty can you help?

Hey there ! Can you please let us know how you are specifying the frame rate for screen sharing ? The documented way of passing minFps and maxFps to the options object that is passed to JitsiMeetJS.createLocalTracks seems to be broken (we will try to fix this). In the meantime, we have another config option that you can try.
@param {Object} options.desktopSharingFrameRate
@param {Object} options.desktopSharingFrameRate.min - Minimum fps
@param {Object} options.desktopSharingFrameRate.max - Maximum fps
Please give this a try and let us know if this fixes your issue, thanks !

Currently I’m using the following code with jitsi-meet_4168:

  devices: ['desktop'],
  desktopSharingFrameRate: {
    max: 30,

Because I didn’t know this config I also tried this one now. But with this one even the local track is stuttering.

  devices: ['desktop'],
  maxFps: 30,

Setting the min values too also didn’t helped.