Desktop / Mac Video is OFF when joined from Jitsi SDK app

This is the journey…

  1. Initially user (server) started with video ON in Jitsi meet desktop app… that time Video is ON.
    —>This is expected behaviour and looks good.
  2. Whenever a user (client) is joining the same meeting from jitsi meet SDK app, the video is ON for the client user and the video is OFF for the server user.
    -----> It should keep the video ON for server user.

Can you kindly advice on resolution for this?

Are you doing that on Or you are hosting your own deployment. By Jitsi SDK you mean the iframe API IFrame API | Jitsi Meet ?

Thanks Damencho, our dev is using this below:

Also, it works from phone to phone perfectly. it’s the Desktop or Browser to phone where it causes issue

This is not something we maintain, so you may turn to the maintainer of that project. That uses a pretty old SDK so it is probably not compatible with the latest jitsi-meet. Not sure what deployment you are using, but if you are using make sure you use it only for testing and when you will be releasing something host your own deployment or subscribe for jaas, so you do not violate the terms and conditions of

Thanks Damencho.