Desktop Control not working with multiple monitors

we have found a problem with the current version of Jitsi Meet.

Server (quick install):
Jitsi Meet: 2.0.4468-1
jitsi-videobridge2: 2.1-183-gdbddd169-1

If the client (multiple monitors) (jitsi-meet-electron) is to be controlled by the web or another electron client, the mouse control does not work. The screen is transferred. As soon as one screen is switched off on the client to be controlled, the control works.
(If jitsi-meet-electron is running and one screen is switched off, entering a room will not work anymore, jitsi-meet-electron has to be restarted).

We also have an old jitsi-meet server:
Jitsi-Meet: 1.0.4101-1
jitsi-videobridge: 1126-1
On this server the control of the client works with multiple monitors.

We have also started the jitsi-meet-electron client with “npm start”, no errors are displayed there. The jitsi-meet server does not log anything.
We have downloaded the electron client as latest-release (2.0.2) and compiled the electron from source (master). No change, the control does not work with multiple screens.

How does the control work, not over the video bridge, right? Directly from electron-Client to electron-Client? How can such a malfunction be debugged?

We tested this just with Windows (2 monitors/1 monitor) and MacOS (1 Monitor), its also possible to test this problem with Linux (Fedora) and MacOS, if this would help.

Thanks in advance,