Design of Video Template

Hello dears, I would like to have a templett of the video window that appears like tiktok with the chat half in the picture. Does such a template already exist or is there someone among you who could create something like this?

There is no such thing, sorry. IMplementing it would imply having your own Jitsi Meet fork.

is it possible to create own design with api?
Are there samples with the code for the video window and chat window etc…?

It’s not possible to do your own layout by reusing components like that unless you modify the frontend yourself, there is no API for that.

ok i think it’s because of the translation by me :slight_smile:
Of course I would have to create my own design. The design would probably be called up in a separate page according to my needs, as I would like it to be. The question is whether there are scripts somewhere for the video window for the other participants so that you can build them as your own php html page etc…
2. Is it possible to display the active meetings in a module (joomla) running on the own server with the meeting name? Or with the people who are in the respective meetings?

No, we don’t have an API to build it that way. You’d need to modify the actual source of the product.

take a look what i mean: Test Meet

I think i know what you mean. You could use the iframe API to get chat events and draw your own chat outside of the iframe. Hopefully that’s what you want. Here is the iframe API documentation: IFrame API | Jitsi Meet