Deploying jitsi server on digital ocean

Hello, kindly let me know can I configure jitsi on digital ocean basic 5$ server (1GB Ram, 25 GB Space, 1vCPU, 1TB Transfer) to support 30 participants at one instance. Kindly guide me

Hi Yash,

I started with the same set-up as you at digital ocean. With this server I was able to host up to 8 users in one group. After that the quality of drops significantly.

If you go for a server with at least 4vCPUs you might be able to host a group with 30 people.

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I would suggest using at least 2-4vCPUs and at least 2-4GB of RAM to support this many users.

With turning down the video quality and activating LastN you could get away with hosting 30 people, but it will not be a smooth experience.

Where are you based? Maybe there are cheap hosting options in your area which aren’t called Digitalocean :slight_smile:

I am based out from India. Can you suggest the better, cheaper & faster option for handling jitsi meet

Any video conferencing system needs lots of bandwidth, decent hardware (2-4 cores, 4-8 gb ram) and proximity to users using the platform.

I would recommend you experiment with at least 2 core and 4 GB to start with and go from there.