Deploying jitsi-meet after code changes locally


I have successfully installed jitsi-meet following the quick install guide on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine. I am able to see video call working on the same machine using Chrome browser.

Now, I wanted to make some code changes and deploy the jitsi meet locally.

Steps followed:
clone jitsi-meet
make code changes
npm install

Replace the files in /usr/share/jitsi-meet folder with the just compiled code.
Restart nginx, video bridge, jicofo and prosody.

Launch the jitsi-meet on Chrome browser -> create a room -> I don’t see any video.
The camera and mic icon are disabled/muted. I see my web cam activated though.
I even doubt if the room is getting created.

Please let me know if anything is wrong here or missing something.


The process is ok, as long as you have matcching component versions. What errors do you get in the JS console?

Hi, Do you mean browser console logs?

Open your browser’s console, it’s located in the developer tools menu usually. You’ll see logs there.