Deploying and installing Jitsi-meet on WINDOWS xampp/htdocs

Hello Team.

I am trying to clone jitsi-meet from github and installing it on windows xampp/htdocs. Is there a way of doing that?

So far this is what i know.
step1 - git clone
step 2- cd jitsi-meet
step 3- npm install
step 4- make dev

step 4 doesn’t work on my windows installation, it returns

‘make’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. error message

We do not support building on windows. It is stated for the mobile, but it is the same and for web, maybe we need to update the docs:


On the documentation, we have windows section. What exactly are you referring to?

That if you look in the mobile section you will see it stated that it’s not supported on Windows

Seen it, thank you

One more clarification @damencho
So for the few of us who want to the deploy the web version of jitsi on windows PC, that’s not possible, right?

We have to install jitsi on linux and work with the web part on linux, right?



Is it a must for the project to be located at /usr/share directory?
Why was that location choosen in the first place as opposed to www/html?

Can i place it at any location? How do i point to that custom location?

I am using linux/Ubuntu 18

How do i point to that custom location?

The Debian/Ubuntu packages automatically take care of that, by installing nginx and creating a suitable configuration which looks in the proper place.