Deployed jitsi docker with letsencrypt certificate on local network(With internet connection) On android device it works on browser but not working on react-native application

I deployed jitsi docker with let’s encrypt certificate on my local network(With internet connection) but when I try to access jitsi from android device, it works on device’s browser but not working for our rest-native client application.
I install jitsi apps from play store, but for that also getting same error.

It displays this in the device browser:

Getting error on react-native application as well as jitsi application

This is console output:

This is the output of jitsi app as well as our react-native application

Can someone please help me?

Check if your certificate chain is correct by putting your URL here:

Yes, checked with It display correct, but i think jitsi SDK might be not reading /etc/hosts file configuration properly because jitsi works on device’s browser but not works for jitsi app as well as jitsi sdk.

Can you share your config.js file?