Deploy Your own build of Jitsi

Hey jitsi community , I was going to start working on jitsi and build from source and customise on my pc , but once things are done , how can I publish my build to my linux server???

Any Guide will be appreciated

know about this guide , I am saying about , for example I had made some changes with my jitsi on my local pc and now , how can I deploy my build to my linux server

See the second link I posted.

saw , in that guide , is he doing deployment directly in server or what??

The guide is checking out the source, building, and using the code on the server. That’s the easiest approach. If you replace in the example with your own repo then you’re essentially building your custom version.

Once you know where everything goes and then could manually replace artefacts in /usr/local/share/jitsi-meet from your local build, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that just yet.

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ohhhhh. , now I got it , thanks for the easier explanation , much much appreciated