Deploy modified source to server

Hi, I just cloned the jitsi-meet repo and stood up my server locally. I also did a quick install of jitsi-meet on a remote linux server.

I have made code changes locally and I am struggling to figure out how to deploy to the remote host.

  • I did a “make compile” and “make deploy” and uploaded the libs directory files to the libs directory on the server and when I reloaded the home page, nothing showed up on the screen. Upon inspection it looked like the react app didn’t get loaded in the div with the id “react”.

I noticed the following in the console:
Logger.js:154 2020-04-27T01:24:53.896Z [features/base/app] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘b’ of undefined
at Object.c (actions.js:417)
at video (uri.js:552)
at VideoContainer.js:453
at Array.forEach ()
at VideoContainer.js:440

  • did I need to copy more over? Additionally, which files get copied? Where could I find instruction or guidance on how to promote my code changes to upper environments.

Hey, will you please tell me how’d you do it?
I’m struggling to do the same.
I came across your question and I was like wow this is the exact thing I was looking for so long, but no response in here too :frowning_face: