Deploy jitsi to Docker Swarm behind external nginx

We are trying to deploy jitsi from tag stable-5142-3 to Docker Swarm that placed behind external nginx. Unfortunately, we are facing NPE while nominating candidate pair from

We see that jvb pod has 4 IPs (including

We have one Pair succeeded, from one of pod IP to ingress IP (ingress IP if different from pods IPs).

We have one Pair validated, from external nginx IP to ingress IP. After that we have "Nominate (first valid)’, “verify if nominated pair answer again”, “received datagram packet on ingress IP” and NPE.

Do you have any idea, what is going wrong and how it should works? Maybe traefik is required to deploy to Docker Swarm? Or maybe we have issues because of external nginx?

We switched from swarm to trivial docker and it works OK.