Deploy Jitsi Meet on Heroku

Hi, I currently try to host Jitsi Meet on Heroku using Jitsi Meet Github repo. However, I can’t deploy it on Heroku. The code is built successfully but there is application error when I open the app. The error message is » Error: Missing required flag:
» -a, --app APP app to run command against

After I run the code (heroku logs --tail --app ) to check what happened, then here is another message:
“Starting process with command npm start
State changed from starting to crashed
Process exited with status 1
npm ERR! missing script: start”
It means I need to add the script “start” in package.json file, but I’m not sure which file to start (I think some files such as index.js or server.js).

I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me some feedback or solution for this problem. Thank you!

First there is no npm start. There is nothing to start for jitsi-meet. It is just a web application which needs to be served by a webserver.
There are several backend services which you need to run in parallel with the webserver: prosody (lua), jicofo and jitsi-videobridge (java), not sure whether you can run those on Heroku.