Demo Java Script client for JVB or JVB API


Is there API Documentation or demo javascript client available for Jitsi VideoBridge. Sorry if this question is answered earlier. but I could not find any resource for this.

Thanks in advance.


So the short question is jitsi-meet, make deployment and you have a web-app communicating with jicofo, a component that takes care for signaling and responsible for communicating with jitsi-videobridge.
Jitsi Meet is the UI and mobile part of the client, both are using lib-jitsi-meet for the webrtc part and the communications, which happen using xmpp muc.
There is iframe API to use jitsi-meet.
There is an example of lib-jitsi-meet, but using that you need to implement the web and mobile part.

And of course there is a REST api to use jitsi-videobridge, you will need to implment jitsi-meet, lib-jitsi-meet and jicofo by yourself, but there is no example code for the moment, I know some community members are using it, but there was no working example published.

If you have a working deployment, you can enable debug and you will see all the communications between jicofo and the videobridge.