Deleting topics


I recently joined the forum and had only posted one general topic in the section of the forum. However, I’ve since figured out the information I was seeking and wanted to delete the topic I posted which no one has responded to anyway, but the system does not allow it and says that I would need to flag the message with an explanation to a moderator / administrator. I would actually like to have my post deleted if a moderator could assist me on this.

However, I could not find any flagging button to click for the message, and secondly when I went to the staff page which displayed all the staff, there was also no way to message the staff even though the community guideline pages that the moderators could be contacted.

So my questions are, where is the flaggin function for forum topics / messages posted and where / how do we contact moderators if necessary? Also, I noticed that the forum works in a way that it saves and logs all EDITS made to a posting including its entire history. I wish this sort of feature wouldn’t be used because it just adds to confusion of edited posts.


My 5 (2 + 2 = 5?! Anyway, I’m slightly off-topic anyway) cents:

  1. If you stumbled upon a problem, other people may stumble upon it as well.
  2. If you figured out the answer to your own question, post your answer so that people who happen to have the same question as you have the chance to try out your answer as well.