Delete recent lists is OK on mobile but not OK on Jitsi website

Hi Jitsi team!
We would like to activate the option to “delete” recent meeting (on the recent list) on our website, but we don’t have any “delete option” (or we don’t find it).
On our mobile devices (with applications) it is ok : we just have to swip the recent meeting and click on DELETE. But impossible to have it on our website.
It is normal ? Same on the Electron Desktop application.

Maybe we have to configure something for?

Thanls for your help! :slight_smile:

This is currently not available.

Thanks for your reply Damencho. Would be really nice to have a button to delete all or each recents meetings :slight_smile: A nice feature !
Have a good day!

The plumbing to make this happen is pretty much all there. Look at RecentList.native.js and its call to deleteRecentListEntry. RecentList.web.js needs that call, or a new call to clear all entries which can happen in react/features/recent-list/reducer.js of jitsi-meet. If you want to try implementing it I’d review it. Biggest unknown is what design Yana prefers (she’s given final say on design).

Thanks Lenny8! I tried to implement (the same way) the deletelist function on the web js, with no luck by now. I don’t have the function on my welcome page. But surely because the function call a “slide effect” that I think can only work on mobile ?
I just added that code inside the recentList.web.js :

import { deleteRecentListEntry } from ‘…/actions’;

Added “t” constant and also :
const slideActions = [ {
backgroundColor: ‘red’,
onPress: this._onDelete,
text: t(‘welcomepage.recentListDelete’)
} ]

and on <MeetingList
slideActions = { slideActions }

and also :
_onDelete: Object => void

         *      * Callback for the delete action of the list.
         *           *
         *                * @param {Object} itemId - The ID of the entry thats deletion is
         *                     * requested.
         *                          * @returns {void}
         *                               */
            _onDelete(itemId) {

Not working by now on my side