Delete chat

Is it possible to delete chat messages if nessesary?

Nope, there is no such option in a live conference.

I’ve chatted with a friend last week in a normal peer2peer chat without encryption but some entries of my and the other person I cannot find any more. That’s why I asked because he and me cannot delete our entries.

Are you talking about Jitsi? You chatted on Jitsi?

Yes the program we use is called jitsi.


It is build on intranet

So you have a private deployment of Jitsi, it sounds like?
Chats are not saved on the server at all. Once the meeting ends (last participant leaves) all chats are deleted.

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A conference is created when the first participant joins and is destroyed when the last participant leaves, when destroyed the message history of that meeting is also destroyed.

No it is not a conference. Just like any other team chat software

Are you talking about Jitsi Desktop, maybe?

It runs on windows 10 as software not in Browser.

Tomorrow I can bring specific information s about it. Thanks a lot for your help for now.