Delete a room on the local server

Hello community. I have installed Jitsi meet on a locar server and the first time I entered I created a test room.
How can I remove the room?
Could you recommend a documentation for newbies?

Thanks in advance

A room will be deleted after the last member left

Thanks for the localguru response. But in my case the room is not removed.
Can you recommend some documentation for newbies?

What do you mean by the room is not removed?

You can start a new meeting with the same room that was used before. There is no such provision that a room name such as ‘TestingJitsi’ can’t be used again after the meeting has ended.

That the room is not removed. I can start the other meeting in the same room.

That’s how Jitsi works.

Thanks for the clarification. You can recommend a documentation for customization.

how do i delete a room i made

Once the last participant leaves the room, it’s destroyed (deleted).