Delayed capability

Good day to all!

I have this ongoing project to undertake. We plan to have a seminar from different time zone areas, one is behind by 3 hours and the other by 2 hours. Normally we start early in the morning for breakfast fellowship via online portal.

In using JITSI, is it real time platform or does it have capability to simulcast the seminar on different time zones. How many person it can accommodate in the meeting? What is the cost in the implementation?

I would appreciate very much your kind response. I just browsed from the internet that your portal is much secured as compared to other providers.

Thank you and regards


What do you mean? Delayed playback, without interaction for those connecting later, or all time zones listening at the same moment?

If you mean multiple time zones connected at the same moment, that is not an issue, we do it all the time where I work. Calls between Europe and north america.

Thank you Normand for your response. That is what actually I am looking at to have a delayed playback.

How do you do it in JITSI? Do you need to record it first? And play it back at the desired time zone? Or does it has feature for the delayed playback.

Thanks again and regards