Default View as Tile View

Hi, I want to set Tile View as default view. Can I’m doing that with Jitsi? Thanks

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There is no such feature at the moment. But once switched to tile, that is remembered for next meeting.

oke thank you @damencho

I would also be very interested in this feature. I’m OK with modifying the code by myself, but would be happy to have some initial hint where to (possibly) put my hands on.

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hi @damencho can I turn off ‘remembered’ view for next meeting?

Not at the moment.

Would be nice to have in interface_config.js. Would you accept pull requests for something like this?

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I think so.

Any updates on “tile view only”? Or “start in tile view” + hide tile button?

I’d also be interested to know more about the possibility of having a config option to default to the tile view. This is definitely something that there’s a lot of interest in from our customers. I see that there’s also an open ticket here: