Default View as Tile View

Hi, I want to set Tile View as default view. Can I’m doing that with Jitsi? Thanks

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There is no such feature at the moment. But once switched to tile, that is remembered for next meeting.

oke thank you @damencho

I would also be very interested in this feature. I’m OK with modifying the code by myself, but would be happy to have some initial hint where to (possibly) put my hands on.

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hi @damencho can I turn off ‘remembered’ view for next meeting?

Not at the moment.

Would be nice to have in interface_config.js. Would you accept pull requests for something like this?

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I think so.

Any updates on “tile view only”? Or “start in tile view” + hide tile button?

I’d also be interested to know more about the possibility of having a config option to default to the tile view. This is definitely something that there’s a lot of interest in from our customers. I see that there’s also an open ticket here:

With last jitsi-meet web client mode view automatically switches to tile view when a third participant joins to conference and it comes back to presentation mode in case of two participants. @damencho Is there the possibility through some config parameters (in config.js or interface_config.js) to enable/disable this feature or mainly to set the participants number when the switch occurs?


Is there any way of changing this default functionality enabling/disabling automatic tile view now? I don’t understand why force the developers to use tile or not why not just have columns or tiles as an option seems a pretty easy fix.

Is there an update on this? Right now it is forcing my customers into Tileview every time a 3rd person joins the call which we do not want.

You can disable tileview:

Hey there, is this feature in sight? Would be great! Using tile view as a default setting would be a very big improvement for our company. Relating to a standarized user experience, cpu performance and workflow.

This is already the case. After the third one joins.

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Hey, is there a way to start with the tile view with just two participants, just like it automatically shows up with 3 users on call. I know that there is a tile view toggle button available already, but if it shows up automatically that would be great.

Hello Damencho,

Though the parameter states that this will disable the tile view, the comment:

//If true, tile view will not be enabled automatically when the participants count threshold is reached.

suggests that the tile view will simply not be enabled automatically. However, enabling the parameter will disable the toggling of the tile view completely (tested on latest unstable).
I think the comment should be changed to reflect this or better yet, fix so that toggling the view is still possible just like how it is said in the comment.

Kind regards

If you are using Iframe API you can do it with
enabled: boolean
or with api.executeCommand(‘toggleTileView’);

This won’t work as intended as the timing of calling the command is very important here. If you call it just like that, then the lifecycle events of joining a conference would still be going on. What that means is that even though your code will set the view to TileView, it will only be temporary and the lifecycle events will reset it immediately afterwards to the default view!

What one can do is tap into the videoConferenceJoined event, which happens after the default view has been rendered for the local user. So, try this instead:

	() => api.executeCommand("setTileView", {enabled: true})
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