Default Value for dial out? Jigasi


Hello all,

I was curious if it is at all possible to set a default value to the dial out field for jigasi. I currently have it set up so that you can only a conference room when you do dial out. I was wonder if it is at all possible to set a default value for the dial out field.

Any direction would be awesome.

Thank You in advance,



Can you give an example?
There is no point of a default value there as people just put a mobile number of somebody to call him, so he can join the conference.


The way that it is set up right now is you can enter a 4 digit extension to join a specific conference call. Is there anyway I can set it so there is only one option to choose.

Like you can’t enter/call any other number except for the default that is provided


Are you talking about dial in where you dial from your mobile, you hear an IVR and enter a conference or dial out where inside the conference you dial a number to call (like mobile phone)?


I am talking about dial out. When you are inside the conference.


You want from whatever conference you enter to call only one mobile number?
If you had connected a PBX like asterisk you can always make sure that whatever jigasi dial it will dial the same number. So whatever you enter in the dialout dialog it will always dial the same number.