Default to Jitsi Electron app when opening a Jitsi meeting link

Is there a way to make Jitsi Electron app to default as meeting app for all Jitsi meetings?

  1. User clicks on Jitsi Meet
  2. Jitsi electron app is opened instead of the web browser

Not if they visit directly, no.

But there are a few ways to do this:

  1. Provide your users a deeplink to desktop app instead i.e. jitsi-meet://RoomName. But this only really works if you know for sure they have the desktop app installed. Example: JSFiddle
  2. Create your own landing page that checks if user has app installed, then either attempt to load the desktop app or offer option to load in web instead, which would be a more seamless experience for users. I’ve posted a POC for this a while back which you might be able to build upon or integrate into existing applications – Jitsi electron autostart from jitsi meet - #2 by shawn