Default system username 'jvb' might already exist

Hi all,

I was attempting to install the jitsi-meet package on an Ubuntu 18.04 system that uses PAM and LDAP for our user accounts. I kept getting error messages that “user jvb already exists in /etc/passwd” from the videobridge package config script- though no such user did exist there. I quickly realized it was coming from LDAP.

In future releases it could be useful to prefix the username with an underscore to minimize username collision possibilities.

Is it possible to modify the installation via command line or other means to override this default username?

This is currently no possible. But I havn’t seen any linux app doing those, all that I had seen use normal names without starting with _.

I think the underscore prefix is a good idea. I think it’s a BSD-ism. I have tons of _XXX users on my OpenBSD router and so does macOS.

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