Default settings for jitsi-clients

Hi there, jitsi-community

I’m a newbie here, although I’m 57 years of age… :grinning:
But I have a Jitsi-meet-server running at my school on a proxmox-vm-instance and it works like a charm.
One thing though, it seems that the Jitsi clients do come under some stress, when participating in a lage room. Two days ago we had a teachers meeting with 41 participants in the same room.
Is there a way to preconfigure the settings of the clients, so that the Video Quality is set to Standard instead of High Definition for example, when they “jump” into a Jitsi-room?

For some unofficial tips by people who are running small instances for their community these days, see


You can enable LastN (channelLastN in config.js) and disable e2eping (again in config.js).


Thanks Federico, for pointing me to that resource. Helpful.

Thanks, Boris.
I have to look at, what this e2eping is exactly…