Defalut tileview when i use 1:1

I want to set it to tileview by default at 1:1. How can I modify it? I am not familiar with the script yet, so I need an example thank you…

there is no option for this, it is is hard coded. You can change it by downloading the code, editing it and rebuilding the whole thing - a painful process, it’s in react/features/video-layout/functions.js - or you can patch directly the app.bundle.min.js file - a painful process but quicker, you can search for features/etherpad in the code then a few characters later for a ‘<3’ part, like this:

return!Boolean((null===(t=e["features/etherpad"])||void 0===t?void 0:t.editing)||Object(r.x)(e)||n<3||Object(o.c)(e)||c)}},function(e,t,n)

change 3 to 2 in n<3, save, reload the libraries in your browser(s) and you should be good.
If what I say is not clear to you - don’t try to do it.

In both cases upgrading jitsi-meet will toast your changes. A better way would be to change the hard coded value to an option to jitsi-meet project but it’s even more painful than the 2 first possibilities :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I solved it in a different way, not the one I suggested after several attempts. Have a nice day

How did you achieve this? Others may be interested in your solution.