Dedicated server lags and low quality


I have set up a jitsi server on 8 CPU, 16 GB Ram, but even on 2-3 person conference the video lags and showing low quality, can anything be done to improve quality and video lag issues.

what is the upload bandwidth of the users ?

I tested with min 20MBPS Stable connections, others have more than 50 MBPS.

20 mbits upload ? impressive, you must live in a first world country. I have with all the people I’m doing meetings with, lower to much lower bandwidth and quality is good enough for me. Either you have much higher expectations or there is something very wrong. I had some success disabling simulcast but I’m unsure this could apply to you given the very high bandwidth you have, you should not need it.

Sorry for the confusion, 5MBPS upload speed.

then it’s worth a try disabling simulcast. I have tried many settings and it’s the only one that has made a difference. It’s a bit disappointing but that’s how it is in my case.