Debugging STT service in Jitsi Meet Implementation using Jigasi docker image

Hi All,

I would like to enable speech-to-text service in my Jitsi-Meet implementation. For this, I have added the docker image for Jigasi module in my implementation and also signed up for google cloud account for using the speech-to-text APIs. I have received a JSON file from Google Cloud to use the STT service and I have added these to my .env file variables(GC_PROJECT_ID, GC_PRIVATE_KEY_ID, GC_PRIVATE_KEY, GC_CLIENT_EMAIL, GC_CLIENT_ID, GC_CLIENT_CERT_URL) accordingly from the JSON file. However, whenever, I view the logs from Jigasi, I have a warning notifying me that Google credentials have not been properly set up.

I have not used the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS (containing the path to the JSON file provided by google cloud) in my implementation since the fields from the JSON file have been copied to the .env file. So I would like to know if I am doing anything wrong here.