Debian stable archive, no Jitsi package exists

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to install Jitsi from the Jitsi Debian-Stable repo Unfortunately, there is no Jitsi package in the stable repo. I see that several Jitsi packages exist in the unstable repo, however, the Debian install instructions at only mention the stable repo. This seems like an oversight, which could be confusing to some folks. Also, the repo keychain install instructions don’t match the currently recommended practice documented in the Debian wiki under DebianRepository/UseThirdParty (apparently new users to this forum are only allowed two links in a post :confused: ).

I’m hoping the Debian repo and web documentation maintainers are on this forum and can update these resources as appropriate.


We had removed the legacy Jitsi Desktop fromthe stable repo, all binaries you can find on github. In the future the idea is that all new releases will be downloaded for it from github, but development is slow there as it is not the main focus and lack of contributors.

Thanks for responding. I’ll try to use the github binary.