Debian or Ubuntu

I just opened up an account on a Hosting Package to run Jitsi.

Is it better to us Debian or should I use Ubuntu?

i’d recommend Ubuntu 18.04

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Thatnks very much for your quick response. I took your recommendation. I was just in the process of connecting Debian 10 to my server and went back and changed it to Ubuntu 10.04.

Hopefully Jitsi installation goes alright as I am not a Sys Admin guy.

you mean Ubuntu 18.04 & not 10.04 right?

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Yes, my bad

Unfortunately I can’t figure this out.

I prepared an installer and a guide to make the installation easy on Debian 10. You can check it if it fits your use case.

Easy way to install a Jitsi server on Debian Buster (Debian 10)

I think that “Step 2” is enough for your needs. Don’t apply the other steps.