Debian 9 starters questions requirements and specs

Hi jitsi enthousiasts,

Could anyone help me to some starters information?
I have difficulty finding answers to some questions I have surfing the net.

I like to give jitsi a go for a simple project at school.
We need a videochat solution for a group of about 20 people at most chattering at the same time… Usually one lead and 10 listeners.

What I don’t understand yet about jitsi are the requirements at server level.

Would it be possible to install jitsi on a VPS with only 2 cores and 1024 MB of RAM? It is a non-desktop DEBIAN server, right now 225 MB are in use…Does it have to be a ‘dedicated’ server? Can I run other tasks on the same VPS?

-What is the formula for the amount of video chat users versus RAM and CPU speed?

-Is it possible to configure jitsi to allow a certain group of users only, and set a max number of total users? I really like the easy install tutorials i have found on the net, creating a very social ‘everyone is welcome’ server type, but seen the limits there is only speed for a few users. (If it is possible at all…) I wouldn’t like to set firewall rules for this purpose, that would be very difficult to handle in daily practical use.

-Why do I see ‘nginx’ webserver every time mentioned in those tutorials, is another lightweight webserver like ‘lighttpd’ not possible? (And it is already running at my system…)

  • Some tutorials advice to install jitsi parallel to prosody, a xmpp server, but isn’t jitsi not doing the same job then? What is the difference about those 2?
    Sorry…a typical noob question…

-One tutorial advices to have at least 4 GB of RAM… but it didn’t say anything about the amount of potential users actually using it…

-Can i configure jitsi to listen to another port then 80 and to create a virtual host, so I can let the users come in via another domain ? Like they will use:


where the ‘itsilogin’ subdomain dns refers
to a virtualhost which refers to lets say port 90, where jitsi listens to?

Maybe I forgot a few good questions here, if anyone could offer information for a starter, I like to have it.

Thanks in advance!!!


There are several threads on the sizing and server requirements. Please search the forum.
2 cores with 1 GM of RAM is not going to work. Start with minimum of 2 cores and 4GB. Recommendation is 4 cores with 8GB RAM.

Jitsi requires https. Port 443. You can reconfigure it to a different port in webserver.

Thank you. That is 1 question solved.
Ok, we need to use a complete new server then, we can find a solution for that. Still there are plenty of other questions left. Does anybody have answers for those?

-Does it need to be a ‘dedicated’ server, what are the cons for a VPS alternative?
-formula amount of users versus CPU / RAM
-user limitation , how to configure a non all public jitsi server on the WAN?
For a few groups only
-Why nginx.
-Why prosody
-All tips welcome! I just need some help to understand the possibilities in configuration.
Just a " Search on the forum" is an empty hand.

  • p.s. Running a LAN jitsi server is no solution here either…