Danish translation - "Sounds" tab in settings window

Hey all.

We are working on a complete Danish translation of Jitsi Meet.

I noticed that the key in main-da.json for translating the “Sounds”-tab label in the settings menu was missing, even after running “node update-translations.js main-da.json”. I tried switching to another language and saw that, as an example, Italian did have the “Sounds” label translated (to Suoni). I searched for the “Suoni” value in the main-it.json file and saw the this file had a “sounds” key, right under the “selfView” key. I added this key to main-da.json in the same place and now it works.

No clue why the update-translations.js script did not add the missing key, but thought I’d share.


It should have added it indeed. Can you open an issue on GH?

Done and done, first issue - hope it’s explained well enough :crossed_fingers:

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