Customizing the web UI

I am self-hosting Jitsi meet on raspberry pi 4 and I want to customize the web UI, while searching I’ve found this guide: [How to] How to build Jitsi Meet from source: A developer's guide
also I’ve found a video that used a much easier approach:
To sum it up he used a program called mobaxterm to ssh the pi and he performed the changes directly to the files
To perfom his method I changed the permissions to 777 as it kept telling me “permission denied” and it worked well
So my question is; is it okay to keep editing using his method or should I be using the one you guys wrote
Thanks in advance

Looks like you’re just making basic changes to the look and feel (not so much the UI per se). So, either method is fine. Be aware though that most changes are lost when you upgrade to another version of Jitsi. Other than that, you can make these changes however seems easiest to you and you’ll be fine.