Customizing the text on the welcome page

I’m trying to customize the welcome page. I managed to change the design by changing the css but I can’t seem to be able to change the text on the welcome screen. I did change the text found in the ‘lang/’ directory but that doesn’t seem to propagate to the web page. Where should I change the text?

The page text is embedded in a js file - you can change that by compiling from the sources with your preferred page, apparently, but you can also just sed replace the text in the js file. Clunky and limited but works.

I’m trying to do that - I changed the resp. JSON files in the ‘lang’ directory and re-run ‘make’ but the changes don’t show up …

I’m having the same issue, does anyone know why?

I think I found the problem. Those JSON files are not used when you run ‘make dev’ (they seem to be pulled from whatever ‘WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET’ points to (by default this is Once installed the translations do indeed work.

You can search for text in this file and change it /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/app.bundle.min.js

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Are you shure? From all I can tell languages are not bundled. Looking at the web requests the UI requests lang/main-.json.

Are you looking to customize the wordings on welcome page or change the language for the whole software?

Two different things.

The wording on the welcome page - but that is managed by the translation files under ‘lang/’.

No, it is not. Again, check the app.bundle file please.

Thank you so much. This worked for me. If I upgrade my VPS (ubuntu 20.04) or Jitsi for that matter, do I need to change this again?


ohk. :\ Is there anywhere I could make these changes persistent even after updates?

You can create a simple script to make the changes and run it after any update. There’s a handful of samples in threads here, if you’re not familiar with scripting.

I know how to run bash/shell scripts for config files, that too very basic ones with one/two lines. Have no clue how to run a script to automate this change. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

You don’t need to automate this step if you don’t upgrade Jitsi automaticly. Simply run it manually after each upgrade

Gotchya, Thanks!