Customizing the embedded jitsi iframe

I’m working on a internet-based card-game playing app, and I hope to be able to embed Jitsi in an iframe.
Just following the instructions in the Jitsi-site seems to work just fine, which is great!
My question are:
Let’s say I have 4 players joining a game, which will be the maximum number.
They all join the same Jitsi-room.

  1. Is it possible to modify the iframe, so that I don’t have to use up space up to show “my own” picture, so to say. I’m player A playing with B,C and D. So can I leave out A’s picture on A’s Jitsi-iframe, B on B’s iframe etc. ?
  2. Would it be possible to make 3 iframes, each with just one specific player.

Thanks for the great work the Jitsi Team are doing.

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Hans Otto

IMO by wanting to do so you are going against the grain. IFrame is there to be used as it is using the API. It’s only a window into the server managed UI. It may be technically possible by injecting Javascript or Css, but you can’t expect your solution to be stable and supported. That’s why some Jitsi hacks had to to be upgraded when the base UI changed
If you want custom UI, developping at the lib-jitsi-meet is the preferred way I think, but it’s much more involved. Also you can’t use it with so you have to provide your own server resources.

That’s quite ok. I understand that it will involve some unsupported hacking, so maybe it’s not worth the effort. I’ll settle for the straightforward approach for now and see, if that is sufficient.
Thanks for your answer!