Customizing Mobile SDK UI

Hey Jitsi community,
I wanted to integrate Jitsi video conferencing SDKs to my Web, Android and iOS applications. For web, I can use jitsi-meet-sdk i.e High Level API directly in my ReactJS project as everything comes out of the box and I just need to create a div element and just put Jitsi element inside that and everything will work good. But the problem is within Mobile application, since my use case for mobile is a user can be present in video conferencing as well as he can switch to normal usage of my application.

I am using Flutter framework for my mobile applications. I need to customize SDK and give option in Jitsi video call room a button to minimize the video call room and when it minimizes, a maximize button to be added to switch back to video call. How is it possible, I don’t have any experience in React-Native. Please suggest me.

you can look at