Customizing lib-jitsi-meet for SDK

Hi Experts,

I wanted to understand if it’s possible to modify lib-jitsi-meet for SDK versions 5 and beyond. I see that this is possible for the jitsi-meet web:

On older versions of the SDK (I tested on 3.10.2), I modified the lib-jitsi-meet (extensive changes to JingleSessionPC, TPC, among many others) and pointed the package.json element for lib-jitsi-meet to my local repo; this successfully brought about a change in lib-jitsi-meet behavior. However, on newer versions of the SDK (testing with 6-2-2), if pointing to a custom GIT repo for lib-jitsi-meet there seem to be build errors, that are resolved by ensuring the dist folder is present. However, changes made to lib-jitsi-meet, some as simple as adding custom log lines don’t seem to be taking effect.

I was hoping to get some thoughts on why this is so…

You can create a release on the custom git repo and use it like this: jitsi-meet/package.json at 2c59b44df549f229f1d71de2b249381a699faa52 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Thanks for the revert Damian. Yes, that’s the way the package.json is being updated and pointed to our custom repository. However, changes made to the lib-jitsi local/custom repo don’t seem to be taking any effect.

Are you creating a release there and you are pointing to the release in package.json?