Customized User Roles

I am not able to change the role of a participant. It can be changed using grantModerator logic. The function called “grantOwner” sets the role of the participant to “moderator”. But can’t find the definition of “grantOwner”

That’s an XMPP-ism. We grant the owner role (which implies being a moderator) because otherwise that new moderator would not be able to promote anyone else to a moderator role.

How can I get the coding of that grantOwner function?

It’s in lib-jitsi-meet.


May I know what is the function of this CUSTOM_ROLE in the snippet available in Conference.js?

  • Known custom conference commands.
    const commands = {
    CUSTOM_ROLE: ‘custom-role’,
    ETHERPAD: ‘etherpad’,
    SHARED_VIDEO: ‘shared-video’

It’s never been used anywhere else