Customize Youtube RTMP service

There is some tutorials in this forum to replace ffmpeg command to customize the URL of the RMTP feature from Jitsi. My idea is use the jitsi youtube feature to stream to a local nginx rtmp service and then stream to multiple services.

For example:

I tried with updated jitsi from Ubuntu 20.04 and seems that Jitsi not use ffmpeg anymore to stream the video because I did not see the jitsi ffmpeg command and also ffmpeg is not a dependency of jitsi package.

Do we have options or I have to customize it in the source code?

You don’t need any customization for this anymore. Jibri (the recording service) can now stream to any valid RTMP. You’ll need to install Jibri though (not just Jitsi).

Great to know about this jibri feature. However I can not add more options inside Jitsi web client, so I need to customize the jitsi youtubo optiob. Is there a new way to do that?

Do you talk about “Share a YouTube video” or “Start live stream”?

@emrah “Start live stream”

Do you mean this patch?
support rtmps urls (#347) · jitsi/jibri@99288dc (