Customize welcome page

Hi, i installed on my server and it works fine.
I would like to ask which file I need to modify to personalize the welcome page.
thank you


since the jitsi-meet uses react, you should modify the sources rather than the files directly.
The welcome page sources can be found here:


Hi, thank you very much, but in my installation in my server I haven’t this files.
Is it normal?
Do I have to install additional packages?

It is normal. You have to clone the repository to /etc/jitsi/jitsi-meet and build the react application on your own.

See here for another way to do it.

Quick & dirty indeed. What will happen if you change to another language in your settings?

Try it… you’ll be surprised and might learn something along the way :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, nothing will break.

Not tried yet, but you suggest that my adapted text will be flawlessly translated into Dutch or Spanish?

Hi, thanks a lot for the trick. I changed app.bundle.min.js file, and the english version is now modified fine.
But the translated version in french remains the same.
Something else to do ?
Thanks a lot

If I recall correctly, there is language detection boolean in interface config file. Set it to true and clear the browser cache and try it.

I found the other language files in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/lang for example the French main page is main-fr.json

Hope that helps!

Same i my installation. When changing the “text” in app.bundle.min.js the new text and changes are shown. When changing the language, the changes are no longer but the translated default is shown. Anyone knows how to do it correctly?

Check the “lang/” folder for translations!